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CLEMT Corporation

CLEMT is our brand name for our one-of-a-kind designs. Receiving the prestigious “IF DESIGN AWARD” in 2019, our brand has been recognized as having innovative, aesthetically inspired and ergonomically designed products.

Our passionate team has adopted technology, design and precision craftsmanship to begin our product line, delivering the world-class standard directly to consumers.

Our goal is to bring our customers the premium experience and lifestyle through our products. We take quality in the paramount importance and quality design is what makes up our brand.

Our main product line is our high quality diffuser for vehicles and homes. We combine our expertise in metal, sensible design, and soothing fragrance to create a diffuser that not only is pleasing in the exterior, but also a delight to our aromatic senses.

In addition to the aesthetically appealing design, our products are striving for top quality. Our diffuser has a distinct texture. Each diffuser is finished by hand, carrying a touch that is unique to each diffuser. We set out to create an art piece for cars and living spaces. Also, the diffuser is precision milled from a solid block of carefully selected aluminum. Then each is finished for unique surface treatment.

Fragrance oil is made from the finest selection of oils. CLEMT fragrance oil adds a subtle yet pleasant scent to the vehicle and homes, avoiding any overly strong scent that may cause discomfort.

CLEMT Design Studio

3D Model Design Studio

CLEMT is also a world-class high-fidelity 3D model manufacturer and design studio. CLEMT works with many recognized global companies as an official vendor and helps designers and engineers create highly successful products and concept solutions.

Keen prototype quality for product design is not an option; it is an indispensable part of a successful manufacturing process. Therefore, the people of CLEMT have helped turn the inspirations of product design and engineering development into some of the most advanced prototype results.

The broad range of industries include, but is not limited to, consumer electronics, telecommunications, medical and health care, appliances, automotive, TV and video, audio, entertainment devices, cameras, printers, office products, VR goggles, smart watch and handheld mobile devices, among others.

With an interdisciplinary team of craft masters, designers, CMF specialists and engineers, CLEMT delivers integrated experiences that connect multiple technologies, platforms, and designs across a broad range of industries. CLEMT's passionate team has adopted technology and precision craftsmanship from prototyping expertise to begin a product line of our own, delivering the world-class standard directly to consumers.

We have recently expanded global business service in Asia and opened new studio in Seoul, Korea.


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