Car Diffusers

For Luxury Vehicles

CLEMT premium car perfume diffusers come with 100% naturally scented fragrance oil refills. They are precision milled from a solid block of carefully selected aluminum.
CLEMT Diffuser Pebble - Luxury Car Air Freshener with Dash Mount

Diffuser PEBBLE

For Car Interior. CLEMT luxury car perfume diffusers are precision milled from a solid block of carefully selected aluminum, which is the same eco-friendly material that is found in iPhone, then hand-finished for unique surface treatment.

CLEMT Diffuser Mini - DM1 Premium Car Perfume Diffuser

Diffuser MINI

For A/C Vents. These beautiful and sleek aluminum vehicle essential oil diffusers contain high-capacity fiber that absorb the fragrance oil. The package contains fragrance oil and the dripper on the bottle used to transfer the oil into the diffuser.

CLEMT Diffuser Air - Hanging Fragrance Oil Diffuser with Leather Strap

Diffuser AIR

For Rear View Mirror. These luxury perfume diffusers are sleek, made of aluminum, and quite stealth. Choose from various scents, all more than capable of killing that “Fast Food Funk”. Just think of it as a whole new kind of automobile roadside assistance.

CLEMT Diffuser Piece - Aroma Fragrance Diffuser for Home and Office

Diffuser PIECE

For Home & Office. You can now enjoy CLEMT premium perfume diffuser at home. Piece is a big brother version of the Pebble, and has a much higher capacity of fragrance oil storage. It fills up your home, office or hotel with pleasant scent.


We love the look and feel of a handmade product. No advanced machine can quite replicate the work of skilled crafter's hands. While keeping the volume low, we ensure that quality isn’t compromised in any way. We take quality in the paramount importance and quality is what makes up our brand.

Smart Holder

Use the CLEMT Magnetic Smart Holder as a keyring, cable holder or cable organizer. If there is no magnetic force, use a metal pad attached.

Bike Wall Rack

We all love our bikes out on the road. CLEMT bike rack lets you also love your bike at home. It is perfect for displaying your bike while elevating the space with its classic and modern designs.

Laptop Leather Pouch

Premium Laptop Pouch for 13" & 12" Laptops & iPad Pro. Recommended for Macbook Pro 13", Macbook Air 12" and iPad Pro (with Smart Keyboard) & Apple Pencil.

Phone Pouch Series

Designed to replace your wallet completely. It can hold credit cards, business cards, cash and phone in one slim and simple style.


The goal is to create a timeless design that matures in value with use and time. Our desire is that CLEMT product not only attains a visual attraction, but also adds an emotional satisfaction that continually draws users to CLEMT experience.


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